Ad man quits in wake of Oreo’s Super Bowl success

‘If that Oreo tweet wins a Cannes Lion, I am going to quit advertising and the Internet,’ Andrew Teman tweeted back in June.

In February, Oreo told people they can dunk in the dark when the lights went out at the Super Bowl. By now, you’ve heard the story. (If not, catch up.) That bit of real-time marketing sparked a massive push for brands everywhere to capitalize on those types of marketing opportunities—for better or (quite often) worse. Now one ad man is claiming that he’s quitting the business, in part because Oreo’s “Dunk in the Dark” cleaned up at the Cannes Lions awards—advertising’s highest honor. In June, Andrew Teman, at the time a vice president of experience planning at Hill Holliday, tweeted the following:

Now, Teman is making good on that promise. Sort of. In a blog post titled, “I’m Quitting Advertising,” he explains his disappointment with the ad industry:

… in bestowing this award on this piece of work, we’re actually exposing a really sad truth. That the advertising industry has become so top-heavy with cost and process and approvals and meetings and waste, that the idea of just making a simple image, and deploying it to a simple platform at an opportune moment, is considered at this point to be ground-breaking.

So he’s quitting advertising, or at least what’s become of advertising. That’s a bit misleading, though, because he’s actually starting a new agency, Heart, with a partner, Thomas O’Connell. Take a look at what they do, from the “What We Do” section on their site:

We provide deep expertise in brand planning, creative development and growth strategy. We bring startup thinking to brands and brand thinking to startups. We surface unique opportunities and create innovative solutions at pace. We partner with other passionate people who have heart. We work in the name of work that works.

If it quacks like a duck, it might still be an adman after all. (Image via & via)

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