And the winners of our #jargoncontest are …

Check out whose jargon-filled tweets had us in stitches. Boy, we got some doozies.

How many buzzwords can you pack into 140 characters? More than you think, apparently.

Our CEO Mark Ragan held a Twitter contest on the best jargon-filled tweet and the responses had us cringing and laughing. Search #jargoncontest or go to Storify to read all the entries and have a few laughs.

Our winners tweeted @MarkRaganCEO these 140 character gems:

Our lucky winners get *one free registration each to our 6th Annual Social Media for PR and Corporate Communications Conference at the Walt Disney World Resort.

*Contest winners are responsible for hotel fees and air travel.

Here are some honorable mentions that made us smile and grimace, in no particular order:

1. I’ll dig deep, double down & leverage my learnings to build a dashboard of jargon metrics. This tweet is a game-changer! @JanzenJanzen

2. The democratization of communication leverages the proliferation of channels to amplify brand evangelists @jessflynn

3. Sending outreach emails to geo-specific locales in a unique niche vertical: This will provide maximum ROI for our client. @D_Sorrisi

4. I’m leveraging my talents to assure the content of this tweet is robust, adds value, and brings awareness to your brand. @jenriosburns

5. Following a playbook of leveraging blue sky imagineering with on the ground reality checks will result in impactful learnings @Davidvjackson

6. The nucleus of a of well endowed # SoMe program will not propagate without felicitous tangential lacing. @TravisKroll

7. Let’s table this and circle back offline to ballpark how to best incentivize the actionable ROI for the end-user @emilystickler

8. Hoping for substantial R.O.I. on my # jargoncontest tweets as my social influence among fellow gen-Yers might crash and burn as a result. @lisadicarlucci

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