Animated guide: Make a splash with internal—or external—videos

It’s time to prioritize your livestreams and broadcasts. Read on for ideas on how to optimize your visual assets in the coming year.

Video is the Big Kahuna of content.

If you’re keen to ride the visual wave in the coming year, CMBell has released a “Definitive Guide to Video Marketing” to point your digital surfboard in the right direction. CMBell’s piece opens with compelling reasons why businesses should invest in video, including these:

  • Video content is more likely to be consumed and remembered.
  • Video converts leads into prospects more effectively than other types of content.
  • Video is great for SEO.
  • Video boosts email response rates.

It’s more than just a tool for external content marketing, however. According to the graphic, video can “build internal culture—making your workforce more productive, more informed, more engaged, and more aligned with your vision and values.” It’s the ideal format for creating deeper connections with employees—no matter where they are.

To create a video strategy, the piece suggests seven steps:

1. Set goals.

2. Create your audience personas.

3. See what your competitors are doing.

4. Identify your video team.

5. Determine a distribution plan.

6. Set a budget, and establish a schedule.

7. Define how you’ll measure success.

As for what types of videos to create, you have plenty of options. The guide offers 13 ideas for internal communicators to consider:

If you need more convincing, CMBell offers five more reasons video is the most effective form of internal communication:

  • It helps employees understand the “why” behind their work.
  • Video helps leaders create a compelling vision for where the company is going.
  • Video can ignite passion for mission and values.
  • Video can inspire employees.
  • Celebrating success is better with video.

There is plenty more to paddle through here. If you’re just dipping your toes into the video waters, or if you’re eager to see which direction the content tides appear to be flowing, take time to peruse this guide.

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