The most-misspelled words on résumés and in job ads

Here’s proof that job applications and calls for applicants need a second, third or fourth look.

You would never—ever—in a million years send out a résumé with a spelling error. That’s just preposterous. Impossible. Inconceivable. Right?

Not so fast. As Business Insider first reported, recently analyzed some of the million-plus résumés it has on its site and found that some of the same words keep coming up as misspelled.

Here they are (with their most common misspellings):

• principles (this appears to be spelled correctly, but it’s how BI reported it)
• diagnostic (dianostic)
• volunteer (voulunter)
• assisting (assiating)
• applying (apllying)
• recently (resently)
• assembled (assembeld)
• profits (proffitts)
• children (childen)
• maintenance (mainteance)
• efficiently (efficently)
• preparation (prepration)
• distinct (distict)
• excessively (excessivly)
• judgment (judjement)
• spectrometry (spectrometery)
• schedule (schuele)

So run and grab your résumé for a good old-fashioned human spellcheck.

[RELATED: Earn recognition for your selfless CSR efforts.] also found that job posters are repeating applicants’ spelling sins. Here are the most common mistakes from the people looking to hire all those bad spellers out there:

• accurately (acurately)
• described (discribed)
• variable (varible)
• facilitate (faciltate)
• accountability (accontability)
• eligibility (eligiblility)
• environment (enviroment)
• packaging (pacaging)
• geotechnical (geotechincal)
• following (folllowing)
• defibrillator (defibibrillattor)
• employees (emploiyees)
• industry (inidustry)
• preferred (prefeered)
• graduate (gradutate)
• competitive (compettive)
• preparation (prepearation)

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