The most-misspelled words on résumés and in job ads

Here’s proof that job applications and calls for applicants need a second, third or fourth look.

You would never—ever—in a million years send out a résumé with a spelling error. That’s just preposterous. Impossible. Inconceivable. Right?

Not so fast. As Business Insider first reported, recently analyzed some of the million-plus résumés it has on its site and found that some of the same words keep coming up as misspelled.

Here they are (with their most common misspellings):

• principles (this appears to be spelled correctly, but it’s how BI reported it)
• diagnostic (dianostic)
• volunteer (voulunter)
• assisting (assiating)
• applying (apllying)
• recently (resently)
• assembled (assembeld)
• profits (proffitts)
• children (childen)
• maintenance (mainteance)
• efficiently (efficently)
• preparation (prepration)
• distinct (distict)
• excessively (excessivly)
• judgment (judjement)
• spectrometry (spectrometery)
• schedule (schuele)

So run and grab your résumé for a good old-fashioned human spellcheck. also found that job posters are repeating applicants’ spelling sins. Here are the most common mistakes from the people looking to hire all those bad spellers out there:

• accurately (acurately)
• described (discribed)
• variable (varible)
• facilitate (faciltate)
• accountability (accontability)
• eligibility (eligiblility)
• environment (enviroment)
• packaging (pacaging)
• geotechnical (geotechincal)
• following (folllowing)
• defibrillator (defibibrillattor)
• employees (emploiyees)
• industry (inidustry)
• preferred (prefeered)
• graduate (gradutate)
• competitive (compettive)
• preparation (prepearation)

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