Study: Leadership communication’s future lies in ‘feminine’ qualities

The 2014 Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor found that women leaders have more of the attributes effective leaders need.

Are women better leadership communicators than men?

A Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor study recently looked at the question of leadership and gender, and discovered the increasing need for “a new, more ‘feminine’ leadership communication model.”

In the study, women were found to possess more of the attributes necessary to be effective leaders. Woman ranked at the top in 10 of the 14 leadership attributes that KLCM studied.

Of the four leadership attributes considered most important by the public, women ranked above men on all of them. The attributes in which women ranked higher included leading by example, admitting mistakes, transparency, and bringing out the best in others. Men ranked higher for confidence and making tough decisions.

From Ketchum’s press release about the report:

This is not to say that all future leaders should be women and that men have no place in leadership. Rather, our findings reveal vitally important lessons for leaders of both genders as they continue to grapple with the ongoing leadership crisis.

For more, check out the full leadership study here.

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