Twitter’s updated analytics dashboard offers broader engagement data

Previously, the social media site’s analytics focused on retweets and favorites. Now, the tool offers information about clicks on the tweet itself and on the user’s profile.

If you think retweets and favorites aren’t the only worthwhile measures of a tweet’s success, Twitter’s developers would agree with you.

Late last week, the social media site unveiled a suite of analytics tools to give verified users and advertisers more data by which to measure the effectiveness of their tweets. Retweets, favorites, and total impressions are still in the mix, of course, but new metrics include the number of times people click on a tweet to expand it, the number of clicks on a tweet’s embedded photo or video, the number of clicks on a link, and hashtag clicks.

“If you receive follows or profile views from a particular Tweet, you’ll see that, too,” Analytics Product Manager Buster Benson wrote in Twitter’s blog post about the changes.

The new tool also chronicles how a tweet did hour by hour in the first day after it’s tweeted, and it provides aggregate data about how all of an account’s tweets fared over the previous 28 days.

Mashable noted in its report about the new dashboard that these tools aren’t available to the average Twitter user—only to what essentially amounts to celebrities and big brands. Writer Seth Fiegerman theorized that giving all users access to the analytics could be harmful to the basic idea of Twitter.

“If Twitter did choose to provide a tool like this to average users, it could prove that users’ tweets are being seen even if they aren’t being retweeted hundreds or thousands of times,” he wrote. “Or it could end up proving just the opposite—that nobody reads the average tweet. “

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