9 signs you’re a PR pro turned brand journalist

With the rise of content marketing, you can easily turn your nose for news to brand journalism.

Successful PR professionals must master new skills, especially in storytelling and brand journalism.

The transformation from being an influential public relations star to an ace brand journalist isn’t as difficult as you might think. Consider the following indicators; you may be well on your way:

1. You can’t live without an editorial calendar.

You might miss your mom’s birthday, but you never forget an important date or deadline in a client’s dashboard.

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2. You have a funny way of seeking the spotlight.

You secretly love to be center stage, but only when disguised as your brand or client. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing the story you covered as a brand journalist making it big.


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3. Your shopping list resembles a newscast production.

When you head to the supermarket, your shopping list is organized like the evening news. You always lead with bread, followed by the produce section. Back-timed accurately, this allows 24 seconds to find the snack aisle and head for the checkout lanes.


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4. You judgmentally watch the news.

You can’t read or watch the news without obsessing about how you would produce a story as a brand journalist, secretly knowing how much better your piece would be.


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5. You have an annoying level of enthusiasm. The anticipation of covering a great story gets your adrenaline pumping, and you can’t hide it. Your excitement often irritates others, who sometimes wonder whether you’re exaggerating. Of course, you’re not.


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6. You’re always on the hunt for talent. Your friends and family are on standby in case you need an “extra” for one of your stories. You even forced your best friend to be in an awkward video scenario, all in the name of brand journalism. There’s something to be said for b-roll actors, right?


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7. You borrow things in a pinch. Whether it’s a plant, book or another visually appealing prop, you have no problem grabbing it for your video, GIF or picture. You’re so obsessed with staging the perfect story, you’re known for lifting knickknacks and other goodies right off people’s desks.


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8. Your lightbulb moments rarely dim. The inspiration for your stories can hit at any time. As a result, your mind never stops writing, producing and editing. Even when you’re off the clock (if there is such a thing) you are in brand journalism mode.


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9. You are in a love/hate relationship with Ron Burgundy. Brand journalists know that anyone so obsessed with himself and the camera isn’t a “real” journalist. Still, there’s something about Ron Burgundy that your inner anchorperson secretly adores. Find out what type of brand journalist you are in this quiz.


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We may be starting a support group soon, so stay tuned.

Lisa Arledge Powell is president of MediaSource, a public relations firm that specializes in brand journalism. MediaSource has been named Best Health Care Agency in 2013, 2014 and 2015 in Ragan’s Health Care PR & Marketing Awards. Connect on Twitter: @LisaArledge.

This article was created in partnership with MediaSource.

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