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Brooks Wallace, Media Relations Professional of the Year

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Media relations relies heavily on storytelling.

In 2019 Brooks Wallace, West Coast lead for the Hollywood Agency, applied her knack for finding compelling stories to develop successful campaigns for Vesper, a maker of microphones, and for e-scooter manufacturer Superpedestrian.

Targeting The Boston Globe Magazine’s Cutting Edge column, Wallace secured coverage of Vesper technology used in Simplehuman’s voice-activated trash cans, allowing for more sanitary disposal of waste.

For Superpedestrian, Wallace focused on publicizing its $20 million in funding, revamped hardware and proprietary software—all with Thanksgiving and winter weather quickly approaching. She geared up her team for a monthlong, targeted campaign including demos in two major media (and scooter) markets—New York City and San Francisco—generating a spike in visibility.

Wallace’s team secured 49 pieces of coverage, totaling 1.35 billion impressions, with most stories landing within a two-day window. Wallace herself landed 44 of the 49 stories. Feature stories from Crunchbase News, Mashable, Reuters, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Wall Street Journal and ZDNet—all secured by Wallace —reached a tech/business audience. BostInno and Boston Business Journal carried the news in Superpedestrian’s home market.

Syndication of the Reuters story that Wallace secured, “Scooter maker Superpedestrian raises $20m, promises fewer breakdowns,” was picked up by Financial Post, MSN, The New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, and other outlets. 

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