UL blog helps explain what the organization does—and why it’s important

You’ve seen the UL seal, but you probably don’t know much about the organization. The new blog aimed to change that.

Inside UL Blog: Taking Stakeholders Behind the Scenes of UL - Logo -

UL had an identity problem: Its seal is everywhere but few people know exactly what it means. So the organization launched a blog, Inside UL, to give key stakeholder audiences (customers, sales leads, employees, media, influencers and others) an inside view of what goes in the laboratories that perform certification, safety testing, inspection and advisory services. The success of Inside UL has earned the organization and its partner, Allison+Partners, first place in the “Best Blog” category of the 2016 PR Daily Awards.

The UL website does a fine job of articulating the organization’s services. For the blog, the communications team developed specific categories to guide content development, including trends in the news, global events, lab testing, career profiles and thought leadership. 

Each post addresses a particular industry, with UL experts contributing quotes and insights. Contributions from experts are supported by online research, UL white papers and other content. Multimedia finishes off each post and is promoted through a variety of channels. 

The results have been impressive: Some 84,200 unique visitors have been to the site since it launched, spending an average of 2.5 minutes with each post, suggesting that visitors are taking the time to absorb the content. Fifty-seven percent of readers are new or first-time visitors. Furthermore, 650 readers have subscribed to the blog. 

All the traffic is organic; no paid media is used to attract readers, which makes the results all the more impressive.

Congratulations Michelle Press and Brooke Arrington of UL, and Marcel Goldstein, Lindsay Hyman and Caitlin Coffee from Allison+Partners.

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