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Get ahead by getting recognized with a PR Daily Award!

The PR Daily Awards reflect the incredible talent and leadership in the field of communications and point to the increasing influence of communications in all sectors of the marketplace. You’re invited to share with us the best work from you and your team so we can shine a well-deserved spotlight on your efforts.

This prestigious awards program recognizes the top PR, marketing and social media campaigns and content worldwide. Enter your campaigns, projects and initiatives that captivated and engaged audiences, boosted sales and lifted your brand.

We will honor all finalists—and announce category winners—at a special live event in December 2023. If you’ve been part of impressive comms work this past year, this is THE program for you.



 PR Campaign of the Year

This year’s winner will show command of an impressive number of PR tools, tactics and strategies. Share the specialized PR campaign that got unbelievable results. Our judges will look at everything from your mission and goals to your strategy and tactics—and again, results, results, results.


 B2B Campaign

Tell us about your product or service and the audience you were hoping to get out in front of. How did you target businesses that could benefit from yours? We want to see the campaign you created and how it strengthened the new and established relationships you’ve built in your industry. Please include examples and results.

 B2C Campaign

 Brand Journalism

We’re looking for organizations with talented storytellers who published engaging narratives that earned incredible engagement. Your stories set you apart from the pack, and we want to see how you delivered captivating content to the masses. Include and samples, links or other materials that showcase your work.

 Branding Campaign

Whether you built your brand from scratch or revamped it this past year, we want to hear about it. Explain how you crafted your new identity and marketed your brand to stand out among your competitors. Share stats that prove your branding or rebranding was a success. If this is a rebrand, please share before-and-after samples and let us know the strategy behind your change.

 Cause-Related Marketing Campaign

How did you raise awareness, spread vital information or rally people to act for a good cause? Show us how you've promoted your cause with clever, passionate and engaging PR. Did you rely on traditional tactics such as PSAs and op-eds? Did you start a virtual firestorm with hashtags or viral video? Tell us how you did it.

 Community Relations Campaign

How did you take a community service initiative from idea to reality? Did you create a campaign to bring awareness to a community in need? We want to see everything you produced: social media content, newspaper and magazine ads, white papers, op-eds, radio and TV advertising, direct mailings—all of it. Don't forget results.

 Content Marketing Initiatives

What stories did you tell on behalf of your brand? We want to see what you wrote, edited, shot or published. Share work that skillfully wove your organization’s narrative into tales of customer or staff experiences. We love stories that subtly proved your subject matter experts were the industry leaders. What were the goals of your campaign or project? What were the results? Don’t forget to include a link and screenshots of your work.

 Corporate Communications Campaign

We want to see how you delivered stellar messaging to all stakeholders—both internally and externally—and built your organization’s identity and brand. What channels did you use? What was the overall goal of the campaign? How did you achieve success? Share the details with us.

 CSR Campaign

Is your organization a steward of the environment? Is giving back to the local or global community an important part of your business or philanthropic model? Do you show innovative, unusual ways of caring for your employees’ well-being, or lend your voice (or financial support) to a worthy cause? What have you done to spread this message and improve your organization’s or client's reputation? Send us the response and feedback.

 Covid-19 Communications Campaign

We want to hear how you’ve communicated during COVID-19—and the innovations or new initiatives that came as a result. Tell us how you reached your audiences in response to the pandemic and its aftermath.

 Crisis Strategy

How did you confront and power through a crisis this past year (other than Covid-19)? Tell us what your strategy was for getting your message to the right audience in a timely and tactful manner.

 DE&I Communications

You created a campaign or initiative that promoted diversity, equity and inclusion. What were the goals? How did you use your communications platform to combat discrimination against the marginalized group(s) you were supporting?

 Email Communications

 Employer Branding

We want to hear about the organizations that employees love to work for. How did you attract new employees, while engaging and retaining your current workforce? We want to hear how you delivered messaging about what makes your organization a great place to work.

 ESG Communications

Tell us how you communicated your organization’s environmental, social and governance efforts. How did you engage stakeholders? What information did you provide? We want to know what your organization is doing in the areas of sustainability and societal impact—and how you delivered these results.

 Event PR or Marketing Campaign

How did you get the word out and build excitement for your event? How was your plan creative and effective? What tools did you use to execute: social media or traditional communications? Don’t forget to send samples of your work and show us pictures of your exciting soirée.

 Financial Communications/Investor Relations

How did you engage and educate your shareholders and investors? What was the goal of your campaign? What results did it yield? We want all the details.

 Global PR Campaign

Your message reached audiences far and wide. We want to know how you gained the momentum to take your brand international. How does your message cross geographical boundaries? How do you make your message relevant and interesting where you live and useful to those across oceans? What was your story? Where did it travel?

 Influencer Campaign

Partnering with the right celebrity or influencer can make a huge difference in a campaign. How did you find the best fit for your product or service? Who was the influencer of choice for your goals? What did you hope to achieve? Share what made your campaign a success.

 Integrated PR & Marketing

How did you put together a well-coordinated mix of promotional messages that reinforced your brand awareness to the media? Did you use content marketing and storytelling in your media relations blitz? What were the results?

 Marketing Campaign

Your impeccable marketing savvy led to incredible success for your campaign. We want to hear how you delivered an award-worthy marketing performance. What was your strategy? Which tactics did you employ? What channels did you use to deliver your messaging? Don’t forget to include your goals, execution and success metrics.

 Media Pitch

As PR moves away from traditional press releases, reporters are getting bombarded with more creative email and multimedia pitches than ever before. Did your organization create a pitch that got major attention? What made your pitch irresistible? Dazzle us.

 Media Relations Campaign

Tell us about your campaign working with media that helped deliver engaging messaging about your organization's mission, policies or practices. We want to hear about the mutually beneficial relationships with journalists and how you provided them with a steady stream of story ideas or sources.

 Mixternal Campaign

 Multicultural Campaign

Tell us about your campaign or project that was delivered especially to engage a particular cultural group. Who were you aiming to engage? What channels did you use? What were the results? We want to hear all about it.

 Multigenerational Campaign

 Nonprofit Campaign

We want to hear about creative, innovative nonprofit communications campaigns that helped promote your important cause or organization. We want to see comprehensive PR campaigns that drove traffic to your website, inspired people to engage with you on social media, drove major fundraising initiatives or turned your supporters into your biggest advocates.

 Original Research

You or your client created original research and the results were highly beneficial. Did you share it with the public? Did this help position your organization, its leaders or your clients as an authority on the topic? Share with us your original research and the results.

 PR on a Shoestring Budget

How did you pull together a PR campaign with little to no budget? Tell us how you got your brand’s or client’s message tons of attention for less than $5,000. Don’t forget to include your goals, execution and success metrics.

 Pro Bono Campaign

 Product Launch

Tell us how your campaign blew away customers, competitors and the media with the launch of a new product or service. Describe the tactics and strategy, and brag about how sweet the outcome proved to be.

 Public Affairs Campaign

How did your PR efforts influence public policy or educate policy-makers about issues? We’re looking for strong public affairs campaigns that delivered results.

 Public Service Campaign

Tell us about your campaign that helped raise awareness for particular societal issues or concerns. What issues or concerns were you aiming to address? How did you advance public education? What were the results.

 Re-branding or Re-positioning Campaign

Tell us how you successfully rolled a rebrand or repositioning of your organization or client’s organization. What made it successful and how did you make things as smooth as possible?

 Social Justice/Advocacy Campaign

Tell us about your campaign that aimed to bring justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities or privilege. How did you engage and educate audiences? We want to hear about how your powerful and influential campaign.

 Social Media Campaign

How did you bring all the pieces together for your best social media campaign from this past year? More than just an improved Facebook newsfeed page or an Instagram or Twitter account, we want to see how you executed a cohesive campaign across several online channels. We'll be looking for deliberate strategy, great content and results.

 Storytelling Initiatives

Tell us about the captivating stories told through your campaign. What mediums did you use? Which channels helped you tell your stories? What story were you trying to tell? We're looking for engaging narrative campaigns that delivered results.

 Thought Leadership Communications

You positioned your executives or organization as industry experts with an impressive thought leadership campaign. How did you humanize executives and deliver engaging messaging on social media or digital channels? Tell us what constitutes expertise in your industry and how you were able to share that with your audience. Don’t forget to include details about your strategy, execution and results.

 Use of Artificial Intelligence

 Use of Data and Measurement

Numbers don’t lie, and you built a campaign around metrics that led to success. How did you use data to tailor your campaign? How did you decide which metrics were important? What obstacles did you have to overcome? Share the results that proved your success.

 Video Campaign

You told stunning visual stories—and we want to hear about them. Share your video campaigns that engaged audiences and kept viewers glued to their screens. What were the goals of your campaign? On which channels were these videos delivered? Tell us about your captivating video campaign.

 Visual Storytelling Initiatives


 Arts, Entertainment and Media Campaign

We want to hear about the campaigns that generated buzz about your arts, entertainment or media work. What got audiences to tune in? What was the messaging? Tell us all about it.

 Beauty, Fashion or Lifestyle Campaign

Your campaign looks amazing, but did it deliver amazing results? Tell us how you spoke on behalf of a new or established beauty, lifestyle or fashion brand. Standout campaigns are those that champion diversity and communicate creatively. Share your goals and vision, show us the campaign and include results and metrics.

 Consumer Packaged Goods Campaign

 Education Campaign

Knowledge is power, and your campaign was undeniably powerful. Share the PR work you created on behalf of educational institutions, school districts, educational software or e-learning organizations, associations and more. How did you get people excited about learning?

 Finance/Banking Campaign

How did you make communication on behalf of a financial services brand interesting and fun? We’re looking for unique campaigns that set your brand apart as a leader in your industry.

 Food and Beverage Campaign

We’re hungry for fresh, exciting food and beverage campaigns. Are you promoting a new health food or an established, beloved brand? Tell us how you developed a PR campaign that stood out in the crowded food and beverage space.

 Hospitality and Tourism Campaign

Whether you’re dedicated to providing travelers with a luxurious, thrilling or relaxing experience, the story you tell matters. Share the hospitality, travel or tourism campaigns that showed potential guests what they would experience if they were to book with you. Tell us about the goals of your campaign, its execution and the feedback you received from guests or fans on social media.

 Manufacturing Campaign

 Professional Services Campaign

 Retail Campaign

 Sports Campaign

Your campaign was a breath of fresh air. You communicated on behalf of sports brands to show off new gear, position a team or athlete favorably or execute an interactive event. Did you inspire people to get moving? Was your partnership with a sports star a social media success? Share your plan and how you pulled it off.

 Technology and Information Services Campaign

Is your tech brand-new or a household name? In either case, we want to know about the PR campaigns you’ve put together to attract new users, local and national news media and social media followers. Include your goals, strategy, execution and metrics.


Any industries we missed? Enter your work here.


 Marketing Campaign of Year

Tell us how you created a marketing campaign for your wellness initiative, health care institution, health related cause or study. How did you build awareness around the great work you’re doing? We want to see comprehensive marketing campaigns and innovative ideas. Share your strategy for targeting your audience across multiple channels. Don’t forget to share your results.

 PR Campaign of Year

You’re in the business of building buzz, and your campaign has everyone talking. Share the public relations or media relations campaigns that got your health-related organization, product or executive noticed. Did you arrange an on-camera interview with your local news station to highlight the work your organization is doing? Did you partner with influencers to help drive your message to your target audience? Tell us your innovative idea and share the results.

 Social Media Campaign of Year

Social media is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience. How did you build a campaign that strengthened this connection and increased brand awareness? Share cohesive campaigns that saw success across multiple platforms. We want to see great content that drove big results.


 Annual Report

The best annual reports reveal the heart and soul of the organization while imparting key information to stakeholders. Show us how your annual report conveyed the spirit of your culture and workplace to employees, investors and the public. What creative methods did you employ to achieve your success?


Tell us what makes your blog original, insightful and inspiring. Please show us its reach and give examples of its reputation and authority in your industry. Include a statistical analysis if possible. Please include links to the blog you created for your organization or client and share a minimum of three posts.

 College Education Program of the Year

 Digital Publication

Many organizations are trimming budgets by relying on electronic publications. Share your digital publications, either in file format or hosted online. Be sure to let us know your goals, strategy, execution and results.


Did your newsletter captivate audiences? Did it showcase feature interviews, profiles or sections? Who or what was the subject? What was the message and goal? What was the response? Share the content that earned engagement.

 Online Newsroom or Media Center

Show us how your organization has changed its online newsroom to attract reporters, bloggers, researchers and the public. Does your newsroom tell interesting, vital stories about your organization? If possible, use online analytics to prove your newsroom gets lots of traffic. Anecdotal evidence of increased use is also acceptable—and welcome. Please include a link or multiple screenshots with your entry.


Your podcast engaged audiences and kept them coming back for more. What is the podcast about? Do you offer insider scoops, book engaging guests or ask thought-provoking questions? Share the details, including your strategy and any metrics that prove your success.

 Press Release

We’re looking for impressive press releases that delivered important news about your organization or client. How did you engage busy audiences? What was the purpose of your press release? What opportunities did this lead to? Tell us all about your masterful press release.

 Print Publication

For all the perks of digital, there’s still much to be said for a great print publication. From magazines and reports to pamphlets, brochures and media kits, share with us your best print publications. Tell us what makes them so great, and be sure to include results and feedback.


Does your new website for your client or organization make you swell with pride? Send us the link and support your case for its blow-your-socks-off greatness. We'll be looking at design, presentation, content and simple, clear navigation. If this is a relaunch, please include documentation (numerous screen shots) of the previous site, and show us before-and-after results side by side.


 Charity Event

Tell us about your event that raised awareness or funds for a cause, charity or nonprofit. Who or what was the event benefiting? How did you get people to attend? Tell us about the event and how it benefited the cause, charity or nonprofit.

 Community Event

 Employee Event

Share with us the internal event that had employees engaged and excited. What was the purpose of the event? Did this help to boost morale? Was it a way to safely bring employees together to celebrate a milestone? Whatever the employee event, we want to hear about it.

 Influencer Event

Trusted tastemakers can make or break your brand. You spared no expense to put together an event for influencers in your industry. How did you get them to share their experience with your brand on social media? Did you pull together an exclusive tasting event, throw a swanky party, take them on a tour of your headquarters or whisk them away on all-expenses paid getaway? No matter how big or how small your event was, we want to know how it put a spotlight on your brand. Share the details from concept to execution, and please include results.

 Press Event or Media Tour

How did you pull together a pool of reporters, cameras in tow, microphones ready—all the important industry journalists? Tell us about your preparations for the media day, press conference or media tour that got everyone talking about your organization. If there were positive aftereffects, we want to hear about those too.



Tell us how you use Facebook to engage your audiences. How did you stand out on cluttered feeds? Share how you created content that drew visitors in and kept them coming back. We want to hear the goals of your Facebook communications and results.


The visual platform is a great way to capture the attention of distracted audiences, but how exactly did you achieve success on Instagram? We want to see the scroll-stopping content that got viewers to pause and take a second look. What were the goals? What strategy spelled success for your organization?


Tell us how you used the professional networking site to connect with your audience. Did you deliver beneficial content that readers enjoyed? How did your organization stand out and engage audiences? Share the goals, strategy and results.





The short-form video platform is wonderful for captivating visually driven audiences. We want to hear how you used this fast-growing platform to engage audiences and deliver your message.


Your content was short and sweet, and that’s what audiences wanted. How did you captivate readers? Were highly engaging visuals part of your content mix? Share all the details.


You got audiences to tune into your video on YouTube. Do you have a popular channel, with successful videos? Did you create one video that took off? We want to know how you used the popular video platform to tell visual stories. Share the goals, strategy and results.


 Marketing Professional of the Year

 Media Relations Professional of the Year

 PR Executive of the Year

We’re looking for the leaders who captained a team of PR professionals and not only delegated work flawlessly, but mentored the communicators on their team. We want to hear about the nominee’s success over the past year.

 PR Professional of the Year

We’re looking for communicators who know how to deliver successful campaigns for their organization or brand. How did the nominee help grow awareness for their organization and boost revenue? What beneficial partnerships did they create with outside sources? We want to hear it all.

 PR Educator of the Year

 Spokesperson of the Year

 Young Professional of the Year

 PR Agency of the Year

Your agency delivered—big time—for your client. We want to hear all about your successful work. Share your strategy, tactics, channels, and all the content and metrics.

 Corporate PR Team of the Year

What strategies and tactics does your team use to send and showcase key messages to your target audiences? Tell us how your team creates a narrative for your organization’s uniquely compelling point of view for the public, your customers, your employees—or all three.

 Government/Nonprofit PR Team of the Year

What strategies and tactics does your team use to send and showcase key messages to your target audiences? Tell us how your team creates a narrative for your organization’s uniquely compelling point of view for the public, your customers, your employees—or all three.

 Marketing Team of the Year

Your marketing team went above and beyond for your organization or client. Tell us about the content your team created, the powerful stories you told and the strategies for delivering these captivating messages. Your marketing team was top-notch, we want to know why

 Social Media Team of the Year

 PLUS: PR Hall of Fame (must have 20+ years of experience in PR)


On the entry form, be sure to include a thorough synopsis explaining the purpose and scope of your entry. The synopsis should be 350 to 900 words and include the following sub-headings (when applicable):

  • Goals
  • Strategy and tactics
  • Execution
  • Evaluation: success, results or ROI

Be sure to follow the guidelines laid out in the category descriptions, as the judges will look for those elements when they select the winners.

You will be able to upload additional documents, links, videos and URLs to your submission. Proprietary or internal information can also be attached and will not be shared with the public.


The award program is open to in-house teams, agencies and individual practitioners in the private, corporate, nonprofit and government sectors. Vendors may also submit their work or their client’s work. Enter your work, the work of your organization or submit entries on behalf of your clients.

Companies from around the world are welcome to enter as long as the entry is submitted in English.

Contact Brendan Gannon to find the perfect category for your campaign or project. You can email him at or call 312-960-4407.

This year’s program is open to any work executed between May 1, 2022, and May 19, 2023, inclusive.


The fee for this program is $475 per entry into standard categories, and $550 per entry into Grand Prize categories.

A late fee of $250 per entry will be added to all entries received after 11:59 p.m. Central time, May 12, 2023.

Do you have a campaign, project or team you'd like to enter into multiple categories? Pay the original entry fee, and then only $250 for each additional category!

All entries are non-returnable and non-refundable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you apply?
Our PR Daily Awards is the industry's most prestigious awards program, helping you measure the success of your work and prove the value of your contributions to your organization or clients. As a winner, you’ll earn publicity for your brand across our websites and social media audiences, a custom write-up about your campaign and a trophy.
Who can enter?
Entries may be submitted by organizations worldwide. The only requirement is that entries be submitted in English. The program is open to in-house, agency, independent communication practitioners and vendors in the private, corporate, nonprofit and government sectors.
What does it take to be a winner?
We look for top-quality work that shows clear, bold and creative ideas that benefit your business or client. Please provide metrics or results that back up your claims, and share creative collateral such as videos, visual design or websites that were a part of your project. Please look at our past award winners to see what gets recognized and rewarded. We encourage you to submit the same campaign to multiple categories, if you feel they are relevant. Doing so increases your chances of winning. You'll also save on multiple submissions of the same campaign or project.
Why are some deadlines extended?
We extend deadlines based on applicant needs and upcoming promotional opportunities.
When will I find out results?
Ragan will recognize all finalists—and announce category winners—at a special live event in December 2023.

Additional Questions

If you have any questions about the program or problems submitting your entry, please call Brendan Gannon at 312-960-4407 or email

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in sponsoring one of Ragan Communications’ award programs, please contact Hannah Lavelle at 312-960-4628 or email

Ragan Communications is not responsible for international shipping fees related to trophies or certificates.