Bathrooms: The best place to communicate to employees

OK, it may not be the best, but it and other unheralded sites are great ways to reach a captive audience.

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Did you know that many leading companies are now printing United Way announcements on the office toilet paper?

Or that they are planting QR codes in the restroom stalls so employees can link to the intranet when they’re not yakking away on their smartphones?

Actually, we just made those up. But it is true that Blogging4Jobs is heralding the office bathroom as one of your workplace’s unused communications nexuses. And opportunities abound elsewhere for nonstop messaging.

The blog’s author cites a former boss who sought to engage his workforce in unlikely places. He “thought of the office potty like a five-minute infomercial. An opportunity at his employee’s attention. Much like late night television, you couldn’t [escape] his announcements,” wrote Jessica Miller-Merrell.

The potty-pooper boss incorporated streamed music with audio commentary and company announcements. Music by Kenny G would be followed by the announcement, “Join us for the annual family employee picnic Sunday.”

Er, thanks, but we just lost our appetite.

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