Communicators share their best piece of social media advice

A recent poll reveals the most important piece of social media advice communicators have ever received.

If you had 30 seconds to share one piece of social media advice, what would it be?

Have a crisis plan in place? Don’t tweet drunk?

Nearly 300 of Ragan’s LinkedIn users took our poll on the most important piece of social media advice. Here are the results:

  • Build relationships with your followers (57 percent)
  • Have a personality (20 percent)
  • You can’t control your message (7 percent)
  • Have a crisis plan in place (6 percent)
  • Other (9 percent)

Here are other pieces of advice respondents shared:

1. “If you don’t have anything valuable and positive to say, don’t.”

2. “You can never take it back!”

3 . “Be consistent—don’t just tweet or post for a couple of days and then decide it doesn’t work for you!”

4. “Use social media for professional purposes only. Keep personal specifics to a minimum so you’re never embarrassed by anything on internet.”

5. “Good manners will serve you well in your interactions.”

6. “If your post has any potential to embarrass you at all—no matter how infinitesimal—it will; the Internet is forever.”

7. “Set a time limit.”

8. “Don’t venture out until you’ve tidied your room. In other words, your company website needs to be in good enough shape so that when you’re out there drumming up attention for yourself on social media and people come looking, your site gives them a reason to stay.”

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

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