Facebook Timeline among the biggest unveilings at f8 conference

The story of your life on a single page.

Leave it to Facebook to fascinate and creep us out in one fell swoop.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed the crowd (and Facebook users via streaming video) at the annual f8 conference in San Francisco on Thursday. He unveiled comprehensive changes that the social media monolith will undergo in the near future.

The biggest: Facebook Timeline.

Zuckerberg introduced the change under the tagline: “All your stories. All your apps. A new way to express who you are.”

Timeline tracks your activities throughout your life—at least the ones that you’ve commented on using Facebook since joining the service. Sure, you can go back and add photos from your 10th birthday party, but who has the time to scan these days?

Facebook is also adding a new class of apps. Media apps will track your media consumption. Lifestyle apps will allow you to share what things you do most often. For instance, you can upload photos and comments that show your friends how much (and what) you’re cooking for dinner, how often you do or do not run, and so forth.

Facebook is also adding verbs because, as Zuckerberg pointed out, we probably see about 10 times more movies than we actually would want to “like” on Facebook. Now you can just tell people that you’re reading a book—which doesn’t exactly mean you like the book. Same thing goes for listening to the Black Eyed Peas.

With these new updates also comes a complete design overhaul that will likely drive your Facebook friends (and possibly you) crazy. Unfortunately for those social media marketers out there, this means you’re likely thinking, “Oh great, now I get to rewrite the specs for setting up a Facebook product page for my company yet again.”

To get you started, you can learn more about the new Facebook Timeline here, or watch the presentation below.

Watch live streaming video from f8live at livestream.com


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