Free webinar: Choose the right tools and channels to get your message across

Join Ragan and Apprise Mobile for this complimentary webinar.

An internal communicator’s biggest fear is not getting through to everyone in the workforce.

Employees could be missing important messages if the wrong tools are used to communicate.

Learn what works for your organization. Are you better off using digital signage or blasting out an email? Maybe making an explainer video or using a mobile app is more ideal.

Ragan’s free webinar, Tools of the Trade: An internal communicator’s guide to reaching allemployees, will share exactly how to select the best communication tools to communicate effectively and save time in the process.

Jeff Corbin, CEO of Apprise Mobile, will be joined by Erin Frostad, employee communications and involvement manager at Mohegan Sun and Daisy Wakefield, communications manager at Menasha Corporation, to show you:

  • Four must-have communications tools that help you reach the entire organization (Hint—email is no longer at the top)
  • Three criteria for channel selection that help you share any message fast
  • The communications channels Mohegan Sun and Menasha blend to reach desk and nondesk workers alike with important messages
  • How Mohegan Sun overcame the challenge of reaching table dealers, hospitality staff and administrators simultaneously in crisis situations
  • How Menasha manages its communication plans for distributing information to its two distinct business units
  • What immediate metrics to use to determine success, and how to plan ahead for long-term benchmarking and measurement

Stop wasting valuable hours using the wrong communication tactics. Join usTuesday, Sept. 12 for this free webinar.

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