Free webinar: What Glassdoor data reveals about your employee comms

Discover how your employee communication strategy affects your organization’s culture, turnover rate and Glassdoor ratings.

Glassdoor webinar

Are you struggling to measure the effectiveness of your employee communications?

You distribute quarterly surveys and maybe peek at email open rates consistently, but you’re still not able to pinpoint the true impact your employee comms has on your organization.

Thankfully, our friends at Simpplr have done the work for us. Their team has extensively researched Glassdoor data and surveyed employees from thousands of organizations to find the connection between employee communications and business outcomes.

Sam Keninger, head of product marketing at Simpplr, and Manu Navjeevan, doctoral candidate at UCLA, are teaming up to give you a first look at the findings from their research initiative in their webinar, “What Glassdoor data teaches us about employee communications.”

Join us Sept. 18 at 1 p.m. Central time to learn:

  • How Glassdoor leaders and laggards differ in employee engagement
  • The key cultural drivers for engaging employees and reducing employee turnover risk
  • How employee communicators can use this information to make a business case for more resources

Sign up for this free webinar and finally learn the effectiveness of your employee communications strategy.

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