Hospitals make video stars of health care staffers

How three hospitals use video to highlight their culture, recruit nurses and shine the spotlight on their employees.

Health care staff members don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

What better way to spotlight their dedication and hard work than on video?

That’s the approach several health care organizations have taken: Put nurses and other health care workers on camera and let them talk about what they love about their jobs.

The result celebrates employees while getting the message out about what their facilities have to offer. It’s a terrific way to market services, recruit new staff members and more.


Let’s look at a few examples.

Proud employees at Carney Hospital

Carney Hospital in Dorchester, Massachusetts, is part of the Steward Health Care System, which operates hospitals nationwide. In this video, Steward reporter Krisha Cowen interviews 12 employees—nurses, doctors, and even hospital president Walter J. Ramos—about why they’re proud to work at Carney Hospital:

Nurse Maryann Rockett speaks in front of a screen bearing the words “I am a Steward.” She says, “I’m proud to work here because I work with a great group of people … they really care about their patient population and they really tend to go out of their way to do the best for everyone.”

Ingrid Montufar, a medical staff office supervisor, says, “We represent our patients to the community to the best of our knowledge and experience.” She also stands in front of the “I am a Steward” logo, reinforcing the organization’s brand.

This is the new year: caring for our communities

This music video with more than 2,000 YouTube views comes from Dartmouth Hitchcock, a nonprofit academic health system serving communities in northern New England:

Set to “This is the New Year” by the duo A Great Big World, the video features employees from across Dartmouth Hitchcock’s network of health care facilities in Nashua, Bedford, Manchester, Concord and other locations.

Nurses, doctors, call center operators, janitors, shipping and receiving clerks, EMTs and more are shown dancing, waving, whirling around in chairs, answering phones, doing the wave, helping patients and more.

Whether dancing in the halls, peeking out from behind ER curtains or jogging up the stairs, all the smiling employees share their enthusiasm for their work and their roles at Dartmouth Hitchcock.

Covenant HealthCare is hiring extraordinary nurses

This recruiting video from Saginaw, Michigan-based Covenant HealthCare features Carmen, a registered nurse for 32 years who’s spent the last 16 years at Covenant:

Focusing on a single subject allows for more depth as Carmen talks about her career and what she values about Covenant: “Prior to coming here I’ve worked for other organizations, and there’s just not the leadership style, there’s not the family feeling that you get when you come to Covenant. We have something very special here.”

Carmen drives for an hour and 20 minutes each way to get to her job. “And it is so worth it,” she says.

The video closes with the statement, “Covenant HealthCare is hiring nurses like Carmen right now.” It’s an effective call to attract nurses while giving credit to one dedicated staff member.

Communicators: How do you use video to showcase your staff members?

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