How COVID-19 made concise messaging even more crucial

There’s a place in your content mix for long-form pieces and deep dives, but brevity is what will hook new audiences.

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Why brevity rules right now

How has COVID-19 affected the trend toward shorter, “snackable” content?

Much like it has with other trends heading into 2020, the global pandemic has ramped up transformation and forced communicators to innovate to find new audiences. That means finding ways to break up your long-winded treatise on your product of the future.

For audiences exhausted after six months of crisis and information overload, you must be concise.

It’s become a trope to cite the average human attention span as less than that of a goldfish. However, many point out that this statistic is a bit misleading. Consumers will spend time—lots of it—if you are offering pertinent, timely and essential information. Inane, salesy blather will find the junk heap well under eight seconds.

What is true about audiences with infinite opportunity to find new content is that you have a really short window for acquisition.

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