How employee advocacy drives engagement—and vice versa

Context and the WIIFM factor—what’s in it for me?—can help generate good will within your organization, and that prompts staff to promote your brand, which in turn boosts morale.

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Dinner time in our household is not all that peaceful.

Recently, though, we started talking about the real world—what’s going on outside our little bubble.

We talked about the recent avalanche in Italy and the inauguration of Donald Trump.

I scaled back the explanation considerably from, “He’s the new leader of the free world and president of the United States of America,” to, “You know your keyworker at school? Well, Trump is a bit like the top keyworker for all other keyworkers.”

I think my girls get it—just barely.

Kids need simple explanations. When they understand, they get curious and start asking questions. When they ask questions, they’re engaged. They want to learn.

That exchange opened my eyes to a key element of staff engagement: Context is everything.

If you can’t answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” from an employee perspective, you’re probably not ready for employee advocacy.

Employees have to be emotionally connected to your employee advocacy program as much as they’re emotionally connected to your brand.

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