How Starbucks builds brand loyalty

Hear how the caffeine giant uses internal social media to turn employees into brand ambassadors.

With more than 9 million Twitter followers and more than 35 million Facebook page “likes,” Starbucks has established a vibrant social media presence. By encouraging sharing and customizing experiences, it attracts new customers and cultivates current relationships.

The most important followers for Starbucks to connect with? Its employees.

Enthusiastic baristas are the main reason customers keep coming back. That’s why Starbucks created their own internal social media plan to efficiently connect with employees, foster relationships among employees, and get their feedback.

In an article on, Mark Fidelman describes Starbucks’ internal social media plan as a “digital village,” mirroring the company’s localized store experiences. By using this to build a strong community, Starbucks builds brand loyalty, discovers areas where it must improve, and emboldens employees to become brand ambassadors on social media.

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