How the PR industry of yesteryear compares with today

An infographic shows a side-by-side comparison of public relations skills and tools from a decade ago and today.

In just a decade, aspects of the public relations field have become unrecognizable. At the turn of the century, PR practitioners were faxing pitches and mailing press kits. Today they’re tweeting pitches and emailing virtual press kits. The upheaval in technology and media has been advantageous for savvy public relations professionals. As PR executive Beth Monaghan explains in a blog post:

Ten years after the turn of the century “media empires were waning, and PR people were trying to figure out how to communicate with opinionated bloggers who operated under unknown deadlines. As it turns out, this was a boon to creative and ambitious PR people—if you were willing to exchange emails late at night, you could often get a lot more coverage than was possible just a few years earlier.”

The firm Monaghan helms, InkHouse Media + Marketing, released an infographic today that compares PR then versus PR now. Take a look:

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