How to attract your employees’ attention

Learn how to package and deliver content in a way that engages staffers as much as popular consumer apps.

Glance around your office during the lunch hour.

Are your employees’ heads buried in their smartphones? Wouldn’t you love them to be engrossed in your organizations’ mobile app, or watching an internal video?

You can make it so.

A free guide from SocialChorus, “6 ways to attract and keep your employees’ attention” is here to help. It lays out six steps to take to compete with apps like Instagram and Facebook.

The guide describes how to write and deliver content in a way that engages and interacts with employees. You’ll learn how to:

  • Optimize content for mobile (and choose the best times of day to deliver that information)
  • Act like a marketer and personalize information
  • Encourage employees to share stories and news (because peers are trusted more than CEOs)
  • Use video and graphics to make your content available in a variety of formats
  • And much more

Download your copy of the guide now.

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