How to be a Twitter standout

The 10 traits that will elevate your profile on Twitter and inspire people to follow you.

Since my friend Diana Adams (a.k.a @adamsconsulting on Twitter) and I created a list of “badass women on Twitter,” I get this question often: “How do I become a Twitter badass?”

The things that make the community of women in this category so qualified are numerous. So here goes. What makes someone a “Twitter badass”:

1. You tweet often and engage with those who reach out to you.

2. You offer relevant and timely tweets and content.

3. You’re kind and gracious to others—unless someone deserves it, then you stand up to that person.

4. You are a good connector to others online and quick to make introductions.

5. You care more about others than yourself. This is true of the #BA75 community—a common but real thread.

6. You don’t like it when David Letterman says he doesn’t get Twitter. Come on, Dave! Even Betty White gets it.

7. You tweet content that matters, and people follow you for those tweets.

8. You aren’t afraid to stand out, stand up, preach, and promote. (There are many worthy causes on Twitter.)

9. You collect followers, and you follow them back (exceptions: bots, spam, porn, snake oil, etc.).

10. Your kids know that tweeting is part of your daily routine; you are what you tweet.

What makes you a Twitter badass?

With more than 25 years of PR and marketing experience, Amy Howell is CEO of Howell Marketing Strategies (HMS). A version of this story first appeared on the company’s blog.

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