How to personalize content for your employees

A new guide tells how better to target content to your staff. In seven steps, learn from McDonald’s, Microsoft, DuPont and other top organizations.

Ouch. Did you just hear an employee from your organization refer to your latest internal email as “corporate spam”?

You worked hard crafting that message. The information is essential. Yet the question for you is: Are you making your communications seem personal to the employees you’re targeting?

A free guide from RMG and Ragan Communications, “7 ways to personalize content for employees,” opens the door to a more customized feel for your content—and more engaged staffers.

Communicators today “have tools that make it possible to deliver more-relevant content to employees based on who they are, where they are and what they do,” says Shel Holtz, founder of Holtz Communication + Technology. “It’s the nature of digital.”

It should also be the nature of your approach to communications.

The guide draws lessons from McDonald’s, PepsiCo, DuPont, Microsoft, computer analytics firm SAS and other powerhouses.

“Personalization, for us, increasingly is about starting the conversation and giving employees opportunities to take it from there,” says Mark Dollins, head of executive and global internal communications for DuPont.

You’ll learn:

  • How McDonald’s produced stories for employees concerned about or affected by wildfires in Colorado, telling about those who lost homes but were distributing free food to exhausted firefighters.
  • How a “What I learned” story can spark great reflections—and why you should strip the questions out of Q&A interviews.
  • The top word count McDonald’s has adopted for its articles—and why that boosted readership by 40 percent in one year. (The second year, it doubled that total.)
  • How digital signage has become an intelligent communication platform that can be integrated with software programs to display key performance indicators by location, department or individual to motivate performance.
  • How SAS boosts messaging in digestible pieces for its annual global forum, which draws attendees from 148 countries.
  • How Microsoft involves employees at distant campuses in face-to-face “immersion days.”

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