How to speak body language during an interview

Controlling your body—including your eyes and your clothes—is all part of presenting your message.

When it comes to the in-person, one-on-one interview there are some important things to put into practice to keep yourself in control. They are the finishing touches to a successful interview.

The eyes tell a thousand lies: For the duration of the interview look at the person you’re talking to. No one else. Try watching an interview where the subject is looking all over the place. You will probably miss his or her message, let alone believe it.

The hands have it: Your hands will want to do distracting things during an interview. So let them. But little things—not big things. Keep them low, no higher than your chest, and move them naturally to express yourself. It can be a useful release of nervous energy. Otherwise they’ll want to plant themselves in your pockets, run themselves through your hair, touch your face, command your arms to fold, or force other parts of your body to start moving around uncomfortably. Give your hands a little air, but keep them low.

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