How to up your game in employee engagement

Everyone these days understands the benefits of having an informed, engaged workforce. So what are the best ways to achieve that? Find some answers in this free guide.

Studies show that engagement increases productivity and decreases absenteeism and turnover.

“There is a better opportunity for anybody in the organization to come forward with solutions if the workforce is knowledgeable and is engaged,” says Claudia Panfil, group director of marketing at Ryder System, a truck rental and supply-chain management organization.

How best to do that? Check out a new, free guide from Ragan Communications and Dynamic Signal, “10 ways to engage employees through smarter communication.”

Here are some of questions the guide covers that will help you connect with your team:

  • What to do about mobile? Smart organizations are connecting through the devices employees carry in their pockets or purses. Learn how they reach non-desk employees.
  • How can you harness employee video? Your employees are familiar with YouTube and other video platforms. Find out what video can do for engagement internally.
  • How can gaming drive the outcomes you seek? Drive success by gamifying activities for outcomes important to your organization. Even simple prizes can motivate people.
  • How best to listen to what employees want to tell you? Intel tells how it uses mini-town hall meetings to gather solutions from employees.
  • How can employees opt in to the content that interests them? If they aren’t buried in irrelevant content, they are more apt to listen.
  • What does storytelling do for engagement? Find out how a weekly bulletin shared employee stories.
  • How can you help employees build their brand? GoDaddy is seeking to boost individual employees, not just its own reputation.
  • What can you do for your managers to help them engage? Often overlooked is the importance of providing managers with opportunities for education and development.
  • Is there a better way to choose managers? Organizations often appoint managers for the wrong reasons. Don’t repeat that mistake.
  • How can you set benchmarks and measure engagement? You must be driven by data. Put up the numbers, and measure whether you’ve reached your goals.

From training through gamification, mobile video and listening sessions, it’s possible to transform a workforce—and see bottom-line value.

Download your free guide now and find out how

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