How you can boost staff engagement with Snapchat

Try using this blink-of-an-eye platform to promote camaraderie and cultivate brand ambassadors within your workforce. Here are five ideas to consider.

Snapchat champions the ephemeral nature of communication.

Snap a pic or a video, send it to a friend, and moments after being viewed it vanishes into the ether forevermore. It’s communication that originates from and elicits an immediate emotional response, as opposed to long, drawn-out intellectual consideration.

For this reason, Snapchatting is free of the anxiety surrounding traditional forms of communication. Perhaps that’s why the once-spurned app is so popular today.

How can employers use this hugely popular social app to educate, motivate and inspire employees, transforming them into full-fledged brand ambassadors? Could Snapchat be your most powerful tool to drive employee engagement?

Here are five ways that you can test it out:

1. Company culture in a snap. Snapchat helps employers share knowledge in new and exciting ways. Use it to promote and celebrate your company culture from within. Create and share compelling stories that capture life in your workplace. Use it to focus staff attention on specific messages and goals. Embrace and encourage the idea of employees’ creating fun internal communications that still focus on meaningful tasks.

2. Create in-house news and buzz feeds to educate and motivate employees. Develop a Snapchat channel that informs employees of important company news and events, relevant trending stories and other hot conversation topics to keep them engaged. Snap and share original content to make companywide or departmental announcements. Maintain a go-to list of relevant and buzzworthy accounts for employees to follow.

3. Use Snapchat to reward, honor and showcase excellence. Feature an employee, a partner, a department or a project team on your company Snapchat feed (as either the subject or the creator of snaps or stories). Allow employees to nominate features with their own snap submissions. Snap a story that explores a day in the life of a particular employee or department. Increase interdepartmental awareness and broaden your employees’ sense of engagement with the bigger brand picture.

4. A snap for project management. Snapchat can be useful in a project management context—to share status updates and progress reports quickly and efficiently, for example. The creative, urgent, flash-in-the-pan nature of the app makes it remarkably suited to a fast-paced work environment. Snapchat seems like the perfect tool to keep a team united, energized and communicating in a fun, creative way around a specific goal.

5. Create a Snapchat contest. This is a great way to rally and socialize staff. A Snapchat treasure hunt could lead employees on a journey of brand and interdepartmental discovery as they work together in teams to decipher snapped clues. A cropped-image riddle might involve the distribution of an incomplete snap image resulting in employee snaps guessing the complete image.

The preferred social media app of tweens, teens and young adults can now be used as a powerful employer branding tool, offering immediate access a range of things, such as job opportunities, sneak-peek previews of new products and on-the-fly mini-movies that both entertain and inform.

Jody Ordioni is president of Brandemix and an employer branding and recruitment marketing thought leader. A version of this article first appeared on TLNT.

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