Infographic: 10 most commonly misused English words

‘Enormity’ does not mean ‘big,’ and ‘ironic’ doesn’t refer to an amusing coincidence. If you think you’re using some words incorrectly, check out this list.

The English language is known for its many complexities, and even the best communicators can make mistakes sometimes.

Whether it’s exceptions to the rule, difficult words to spell, or words that sound like something they don’t mean, English is tricky. recently published an infographic of 10 commonly misunderstood English words. The list features words that look like they should mean one thing, but actually mean something different.

Here are the top five words that don’t mean what you might think, and their true definitions:

1. Enormity: monstrous evil, excessive wickedness, outrageous

2. Nonplussed: bewildered, extremely puzzled, at a loss

3. Bemused: to be bewildered, confused, engrossed in thought

4. Redundant: beyond what is necessary or natural, needlessly wordy or repetitive

5. Plethora: superabundance, an excess Check out the full list in this infographic:

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