Infographic: 10 ways to improve internal communication

This infographic reports a lack of communication between managers and employees at most organizations, and reveals 10 ways to solve the problem.

What mistake do managers in organizations make most?

It’s not something they do. It’s an error of omission.

An infographic from employee progress reporting software Weekdone reports that it’s the lack of communication between employees and their managers.

The infographic lists 10 ways organizations can step up their internal communication, including encouraging dialogue, making goals public and using mobile tools:

Encourage dialogue: When employees understand their roles in an organization, 91 percent will work to be successful. When employees don’t understand how their work fits into the bigger picture, only 23 percent will work for success.

Make goals public: In 48 percent of organizations, management hasn’t effectively communicated business strategy to employees in a way they could “live it in their daily jobs.”

Use mobile tools: Organizations with effective communication strategies are seven times more likely to use leading-edge communication tools, and two times more likely to use technology for internal communication.

Check out the infographic for the rest of the ways you can improve your organization’s internal communication:

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