Infographic: 12 tips to more prodigious, productive writing

Cranking out more copy isn’t so much about inspiration as hard work, habit and holding yourself accountable.

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Enchanting Marketing spills the magic beans of productivity with a 12-step list to more efficient writing.

The first tip is to write while “groggy,” which is believed to boost creativity. Try writing either late at night, early in the morning or perhaps after a brief George Costanza desk nap.

Next up is the timer trick. The graphic suggests writing for 25 minutes, then taking a five-minute break. Slicing your day into manageable chunks can prevent burnout, mitigate distractions and reduce anxiety. Along the same lines, the infographic recommends “chopping up the writing process” by doing editing, outlining and headlines separately.

To overcome mental struggles that inhibit productivity, the infographic prescribes “percolation”—taking breaks from intense writing to let your mind wander freely. In addition, it’s crucial to create rituals that get you in the writing mood. Everyone has a different recipe for success, whether it’s coffee, a large meatball hoagie or perhaps writing in the buff like Victor Hugo. Find what works for you and stick to it.

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