Infographic: 12 ways to make your annual report fun to read

Employee stories, visual aids and fresh formats can transform your yearly summary from a snooze fest into a success. Here’s how.

Annual reports don’t have a reputation for being exciting.

They call to mind text-heavy documents brimming with mind-numbing information. No wonder no one likes to read them.

However, annual reports don’t have to be complicated and boring. An infographic from Alive with Ideas lists 12 ways to jazz them up so employees are actually interested in the information. Here are four:

Try a new format. Think about your audience—do employees prefer digital communication or print? If they want a paper copy of the report and you send it via email, you won’t get many readers.

Tell a story. Have the report follow a narrative. It will spark readers’ interest and guide them smoothly through the information.

Include visuals. Photos, infographics and charts can help readers understand and remember complicated ideas. Plus, visuals break up text and make the document more pleasant to the eye.

Make the information snackable. People won’t read dense blocks of copy that are hard to understand. Identify the main points clearly and succinctly.

Check out the infographic for more tips:

(View a larger image.)

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