Infographic: 12 ways to refresh your internal publication

Print publications are alive and well at many organizations. Follow these suggestions to make your employees crave your internal magazine.

I frequently have the pleasure of attending Ragan’s Internal Communicators Leadership Forums, in which 25 senior managers, directors and vice presidents of internal communications departments exchange ideas, help each other solve problems, network and brainstorm.

At every forum, there are always several attendees who say that even though their organizations have swanky mobile apps or internal social networks, their employees remain die-hard fans of the company’s print magazine.

Whether it’s because of the glossy pages, the ability to bring the publication home to their families or simply the types of stories that are inside, good old-fashioned magazines have staying power.

If your employees have a similar attachment to your organization’s print publication—or if you wish they did—check out the infographic below from Alive With Ideas. It shares a dozen ways to keep internal magazine content fresh and compelling.

Here are a few examples:

Publish company goals: Make sure employees know what the organization is working toward and when it reaches important milestones. Your staff is more engaged when they’re kept in the loop.

Promote new job opportunities: Share ways employees can grow their careers with the organization. Let them know you value their loyalty.

Explain the “why”: Do your employees know how their day-to-day work helps your organization achieve its goals? Use your magazine to tell stories that connect the dots.

What types of content does your employee magazine include?

Take a look at the infographic for more:

(View a larger image.)

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