Infographic: 13 procrastination pitfalls imperiling your productivity

Take breaks throughout the day, don’t shrug off your delay tendencies, and disable your email notifications—pronto.

13 things to stop doing todayToday is the day you simply must get things done and crank the productivity up to 11—whoa, have you ever seen a kakapo before?

Sorry, it’s just so easy to get distracted, what with all the—oh, lord have mercy, it’s a kinkajou!

There are multitudes of distractions and temptations conspiring against our productivity each day. How in the world are we to stay focused with so many games, origami demos, sports bloopers and cute critter compilations just a click away?

Try these science-backed tips to get more done, courtesy of Quick Quid:

Stop just barreling through the day. Go ahead and take that break. If you work from home, or for a company that doesn’t offer formal breaks, carve out slices of time during the day to recharge and refresh your mind. If someone gives you a hard time about taking a break, try to convey—in the most delightful way—that they should go fly the nearest bleeping kite.

Quick Quid recommends using an app such as Stand Up! or Randomly RemindMe to help schedule and codify your downtime.

Stop taking procrastination lightly. The infographic cites University of Texas research that confirms what we all sensed might be true: “Procrastination almost always leads to poor work.”

If you struggle in the mire of procrastination stagnation, don’t just shrug it off. Take concrete steps to fend off procrastination, such as giving yourself small rewards for accomplishing tasks. If you need a bit more motivation to get it in gear, try this tip from PR pro Bill Spaniel: “Put a picture of your family on the wall above your computer with the following words underneath: ‘If you don’t write, they’ll starve.’ ”

Stop checking email incessantly. Quick Quid, citing research from the University of British Columbia, suggests checking email just three times per day.

If you’re getting pinged and ponged around by pop-ups all day (email or otherwise), you’ll be continually distracted and derailed. So, disable those notifications that are impossible for our eyeballs to resist.

There’s much more to this infographic, so take a few moments (but not too many) to peruse the whole thing.

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