Infographic: 16 percent of workers admit criticizing their employers online

Employees who use social media on behalf of their organizations can help boost business, but if those staffers are disgruntled or angry, they can do more harm than good.

Many articles and experts extol the benefits of having employees use social media.

Employees can show an organization’s personality, reveal what business is like behind the scenes or build trust with customers.

There are many benefits of socially connected employees, but there are some downsides, an infographic from RiseSmart warns.

A big one is that not all of your employees will sing your praises. According to the infographic, 75 percent of exiting employees would not recommend their employers, and 16 percent of employees admit to posting negative comments about their employers online.

Sixteen percent may not seem like much to you. Consider that Facebook users have an average of 200-300 friends, Twitter users have an average of 208 followers, and 60 million LinkedIn users have more than 500 connections. One little post from an employee can have a significant impact on a brand.

For ways to keep employees happy so they don’t go rogue online, take a look at the infographic:

(View a larger image.)

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