Infographic: 17 clever company perks that raise engagement

A thriving culture that features generous, thoughtful benefits can boost morale, productivity, recruiting and retention. Here are a handful of compelling offerings worth consideration.

Most companies offer platitudes of love, respect and care for employees, but the proof of the perk pudding is in the eating.

Are staffers gobbling up your offerings?

How far are you willing to go to show workers genuine appreciation and tangible support? It’s a matter of utmost importance, as Glassdoor found that nearly 80 percent of workers would prefer benefits or perks over a pay raise.

If you’d like a benefits measuring stick of sorts, GetVoIP has an infographic that lists 17 distinctive perks offered by successful companies. Consider what you’re up against as you tout your company culture and battle for top talent:

  • Clif Bar & Co. offers “paid gym time,” and workers are free to scramble up a 40-foot climbing wall in the office. (Employees, presumably, are also free to munch on unlimited Peanut Toffee Buzz bars while waiting in the emergency room.)
  • RockYou Media doles out concert tickets and cash to top performers.
  • Bain & Co. has hosted a yearly soccer tournament since 1987.
  • Dropbox has on-site fitness classes and a music room.
  • Twilio lavishes employees with Kindles, massages and a $30 “book budget” per month.
  • Airbnb gives workers a $2,000 travel stipend every year.
  • Starbucks reimburses college tuition.
  • Goldman Sachs’ insurance policy has covered gender reassignment surgery since 2008.
  • Scripps offers insurance for employee pets, because those iguana veterinarian bills aren’t going to pay for themselves.

If acquiring talent is an arms race, perks and benefits are among the most important assets in your arsenal. Scroll through the rest of the graphic below to see how your company’s offerings stack up.

employee perks from successful companies

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