Infographic: 30 ways to make employees happy

Happy employees are an organization’s best assets. Here are some ways to keep yours excited about their work.

Have you heard the expression “happy wife, happy life”?

The same logic applies to employees and the organizations for which they work. When employees are happy, organizations succeed.

An infographic from Unum explores how managers, co-workers, goals and rewards, the office environment and other factors affect employee happiness.

Here are some suggestions for keeping employees happy and excited about their work:

1. Host internal networking events: When employees connect with their co-workers, they learn more about how the organization operates. This helps them feel more connected to the company and its success.

2. Highlight employees in the organization’s newsletter: You need content for the newsletter, and employees crave recognition. Featuring them in a publication will allow everyone at the organization to celebrate their success.

3. Promote physical activity: Encourage walking meetings, or, if possible, offer discounted gym memberships. Exercise not only keeps employees healthy, but it also releases endorphins that make them feel happier.

4. Ask employees what motivates them: You’ll never know what inspires people to do their best if you don’t ask.

Check out the infographic for 26 more ways to make your employees happy:

(View a larger image.)


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