Infographic: 5 tips to create a strong social media presence

If you want to build a strong brand online, sharpen your content, give fans what they want, and keep a content calendar that can roll with the punches.

There is a science behind building a brand online. If done right, it will flow naturally. If not, it will feel like you are putting a lot of effort into something that’s not producing scalable results.

Let’s simplify what could be a complicated topic.

1. Focus your content. Find your niche.

We live in a world where purpose matters.

2. Create consistent themes.

If people like what they see, they’ll come back for more.

3. Give your content a branded look.

If people share your image by uploading it to Facebook or another social media site, make sure you own it.

4. Have a flexible content calendar.

Follow the two-stream content method:

1. One stream of content is planned.

2. The second stream of content is based on listening in real-time to what’s going on in your niche and around the Web.

5. Post what the audience likes-and wants to share.

Pay attention to what works. Really listen and observe; the devil is in the details. For the Social@Ogilvy and Ogilvy & Mather Facebook pages, likes drive the “talking about this” number and shares drive page growth.

Adam Kornblum is currently the community director for Social@Ogilvy and Ogilvy & Mather. A version of this article originally appeared on Business 2 Community.

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