Infographic: 7 steps to ace your next blog post

From coming up with an idea that readers want to proper keyword, distribution and repurposing techniques, here’s how you can hit a home run on your next article.

It’s a feeling that never gets old.

Communicators experience it after you’ve penned the perfect blog post, put it through the proper approval chain (if necessary), crafted, edited, tweaked, pivoted and are finally ready to hit the “publish” button.

How can you make it happen (and more often)? There are tons of tips and techniques that can enable you to write the perfect blog post, and if you’re passionate about creating content, you’re probably regularly seeking new insights.

The folks at created an infographic that lists seven steps to making sure your next blog post is a home run:

1. Ensure the content of your post is interesting.

2. Write a catchy headline and introduction.

3. Maximize readability for both consumers and search engines.

4. Add keywords.

5. Harness the power visuals by adding images and videos.

6. Use links and a strong call to action.

7. Heavily promote (and later, repurpose) your post.

Get the details on how to execute these steps in the infographic below:

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