Infographic: 7 surefire ways to frustrate a journalist

While riling a journalist may sound like fun, you should avoid it for the sake of future news coverage. Keep these annoyances out of your pitches.

It seems PR pros and journalists have always had a contentious relationship.

But one can’t do his job without the other, so we may as well try to be friends, right?

An infographic from Precious Communications and My News Desk lists seven ways PR pros can make reporters happy, seven ways to make them angry, and the five components of a good story.

To a seasoned PR pro, this information probably isn’t anything new. But it’s always helpful to keep these tips fresh in your mind.

To ensure your pitches always please reporters, avoid these seven mistakes:

1. Sending a lengthy press release. Forget it. The reporter won’t read it.

2. Listing an elusive contact person. Seventy-five percent of journalists are frustrated when they can’t contact a spokesman.

3. Not having an online presence for the brand. Seventy-four percent of journalists Google companies after they receive press releases.

4. Using bad grammar. Did you use jargon? You lose.

5. Having a boring news angle. One hundred percent of journalists say it’s important to have an interesting angle.

6. Force-feeding information. Provide background information, and remember to be concise and relevant.

7. Sending poor visuals. Make sure all the photos and videos you send are high-resolution.

Take a look at the entire graphic:

(View a larger image.)

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