Infographic: 7 tips to guide staff through the roller coaster of change

Transitions, layoffs, realignments and reassignments can feel like an emotional Tilt-A-Whirl for your team. Here’s how to shepherd them through turbulent times with a steady hand.

Getting swept up in workplace change can be like riding a roller coaster against your will.

You might hate heights, dips and loops, but everyone’s lap bars are in place, and your monster-themed cars are beginning their ascent. It’s up to you, communicator, to assuage fears, anxieties and concerns—and possible bouts of explosive nausea. How will you prep your people for the wrenching ride ahead?

The good folks at Alive with Ideas have created another lovely infographic, this one offering seven tips for managing the roller coaster of workplace change. Put your hands up in the air, scream if you must, and embrace this guidance:

  • Tell the truth. Share the strategic reasons behind the forthcoming changes. Lay out what exactly is going to happen—and why. Also, “Be as honest as you can,” the piece advises. (That’s sage counsel in any event.)
  • Embrace the face-to-face. Frustrated employees can become “change blockers,” as the infographic states. Tamp down interference from Angry Arnolds and objections from Upset Ursulas by prioritizing two-way, face-to-face conversations. Let employees speak their minds, ask questions and vent. Prepare managers to provide meaningful, substantive explanations of what’s to come.
  • Provide supportive outlets. Make your people aware of whatever your company is providing for employees in the interim, be it assistance programs, legal support or prayer rooms. Set up an email account or an anonymous online channel specifically for employee questions, and use your platform to facilitate supportive, uplifting, helpful communications.

Roller coasters can be frightening, but a steady, calm and empathetic voice makes the ride much less intimidating. If you have an idea of what’s coming, along with some reassurance that there is a plan, change is much easier to endure—and manage.

Read the rest of Alive with Ideas’ infographic for more advice on this crucial communication topic.

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