Infographic: 9 steps to more seamless meeting agendas

Start by reviewing what must be discussed; then state your desired outcomes. Identify a leader for each item on the docket, and end by assessing your gathering’s effectiveness.

Sitting in a meeting without a detailed, time-bound agenda is akin to drifting through outer space.

Will your group arrive safely at a worthwhile destination? Is anyone steering this thing? How long will this journey last? Will we be done in time for lunch? Whaddya mean Pluto’s not a planet?

1. Begin by reviewing the agenda. The infographic recommends “using the first item to call for any necessary changes to the agenda.” The world can change in a matter of minutes, so it’s wise to leave a bit of time at the top to pivot or reprioritize items as needed.

2. State desired outcomes. What, exactly, have we all assembled for? Make sure that each agenda item has an action point tied to it, such as a decision a status update or a plan to exact sweet revenge on the Marketing Department.

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