Infographic: 99 tantalizing Twitter icebreakers

Never run out of tweetable content with this bank of useful conversation starters.

You might have 99 problems—or luftballoons or bottles of beer on the wall—but how about nearly a C-note of ideas to tweet about?

The gang at Red Website Design have whipped up a hearty serving of tweetable topics to engage your followers. The infographic lists 99 potential tweet possibilities.

Here are a few choice cuts to consider:

  • Tips to help your customers solve their business problems
  • Industry news
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Information about a charity in need of support
  • Tips on local discounts
  • Share tips from an event or presentation
  • Thank someone for commenting on your blog
  • Ask your followers what sorts of content they prefer
  • Ask for help on a specific project
  • Ask your followers to help resolve a friendly office debate
  • Show confidence and kindness by sharing competitors’ content
  • Share a recipe
  • Suggestions on helpful tools or resources
  • Links to relevant how-to guides or demos
  • Compliment someone who inspires you
  • Connect others who might share interests or aptitude
  • Link to relevant groups on different social media platforms

If pumping out tweets drains you, help has arrived. Review the rest of the infographic below for a plethora of icebreakers and ideas that will keep the conversation going.

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