Infographic: Are your co-workers killing you?

Co-workers are one of the most common causes of work-related stress. Are yours slowly dragging you to the grave?

You probably never imagined working in an office every day would be a deadly career path.

As it turns out, your office is lethal in more ways than one. You already know sitting all day will kill you, but another cause of death may be the person sitting in the cube next to you.

An infographic from Human Resources MBA explains that co-workers are a contributing factor to work-related stress. In fact, middle-aged workers who have poor relationships with their co-workers are 2.4 times more likely to die earlier.

Other ways co-workers cause stress:

  • They manipulate or pressure you to obey orders.
  • They have personalities and work styles that are different from yours—or are inappropriate.
  • They have personalities and work styles that are extremely similar to you.

Surprisingly, while relationships with bosses are a top reason employees leave a job, they have no ties to increased death.

Check out the graphic to learn more about workplace stressors: (View a larger image.)

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