Infographic: Boost your Facebook engagement by 275 percent

Here’s how emoticons, contests and certain words can motivate fans to interact more with your organization’s page.

Facebook users spend 700 billion minutes on the social networking site each month.

That’s a lot of time users could be spending on your organization’s page.

This infographic from QuickSprout can help you bring them there. It explains how to increase Facebook fans’ engagement with your page by 275 percent. That’s a significant increase for any organization.

Here are a few of the infographic’s tips:

Use emoticons: Believe it or not, these little guys can increase comments by 33 percent.

Add these words to your posts: “Facebook,” “why,” “most,” “world” and “how.” They are the top five most shareable title words.

Host a contest: Thirty-five percent of Facebook fans like pages so they can participate in contests.

Write shorter posts: Posts with fewer than 80 characters get 23 percent more engagement than other posts.

Ask questions: Question posts get 100 percent more comments than other types of posts.

Post on Thursday, Friday and the weekend: Engagement rates are 18 percent higher on Thursday and Friday, and 32 percent higher on Saturday and Sunday.

Get more tips below:

(View a larger image.)

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