Infographic: Common myths and misconceptions about internal comms

It doesn’t belong to one person or department, social media is not a tangential distraction, and it’s not about telling people what to do.

Have you ever wanted to clamber onto your desk and tell your colleagues what, exactly, your job entails?

If so, we have a delightful infographic from Alive with Ideas (based off a post written by Rachel Miller) that busts enduring myths about the role of internal communications. Feel free to disassemble these stubborn misconceptions from the top of the nearest conference table—preferably town-crier style with a scroll and at max volume:

“Internal communication belongs to one person or team.” Regardless of whether they realize it—or if you acknowledge it—every one of your colleagues carries some measure of the internal storytelling burden. If you try to control the corporate narrative and put a lid on creativity outside your departmental orbit, you’ll miss out on compelling stories, diverse perspectives and fresh insights. As the graphic says: “Internal communication is too important to be left to one department.”   

“Social media has no role to play in internal communication.” Which no-fun jive turkey told you that? The trick is to find a platform that your people enjoy and that doesn’t feel like extra work. It could be a social intranet, a chat platform or perhaps just Twitter. Regardless, you should empower employees to share organization-centric content—and give clear guidance on what’s acceptable to post.

“Internal communication is about telling people what to do.” The infographic says that instead of top-down dictating, internal comms should be about “creating shared understanding and meaning,” and that the role should include heavy doses of “community management” and “collaboration.” You are not a henchman, nor are you the mouthpiece of royals.

Can you name what movie this is from?

Your job is to keep the conversation flowing.

“You can’t measure internal communication.” Poppycock. You shall measure your activities or be banished forthwith. Pick pertinent key performance indicators, assess your channels, gather feedback from workers and benchmark away.

To bust more internal communication myths, review the rest of the infographic.

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