Infographic: Easy ways to improve your town hall meetings

You don’t need theatrics or a bottomless budget to spice up this corporate staple. Scrubbing jargon and getting employees’ feedback are simple, inexpensive tactics that pack a punch.

Although a town hall meeting is supposed inspire and excite employees, this corporate ritual often does the opposite.

Workers typically see town halls as a wasted hour (or more) in which the CEO drones on and on about information that doesn’t seem to affect what they do every day.

If this sounds familiar, take a look at this infographic from Alive With Ideas. It recommends simple ways to upgrade your town halls so employees are interested and engaged and actually understand what the CEO is talking about and how it affects them.

Here are a few of the infographic’s suggestions:

  • Nix the jargon. Your CEO should be able to explain the business and how it’s doing in plain language. The less employees understand what their leaders are saying, the less engaged they’ll be in the town hall and their jobs.
  • Have a conversation. Your CEO shouldn’t spend the entire town hall talking at employees. Schedule time for people to ask questions so they are involved in a dialogue—not snoozing through a lecture.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t cram too much information into the town hall. Focus on a handful of topics that leaders can cover thoroughly.
  • Don’t forget to follow up. Send employees evaluation forms after the meeting to discover what they liked, disliked and remembered. Apply these insights to your next town hall, and make sure employees know you did.

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What are your tips for a successful town hall? Check out the infographic below, and share your advice in the comments.

(View a larger image.)

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