Infographic: Fewer meetings can boost employee engagement

This infographic provides some statistics that can help you defend your hatred for meetings.

Have you ever checked your email, done other work or eaten lunch during a meeting?

You may not consider yourself a disengaged employee, but if you frequently give in to distractions like these, you aren’t as engaged as you could be.

Don’t feel too bad—91 percent of workers admit to multitasking in meetings, an infographic from Fuze reports.

The infographic explains that, while many factors contribute to employee disengagement, changing the way we conduct meetings is a good place to start fighting it.

The best ways are to hold fewer meetings (more than one-third of workers spend four to 10-plus hours in meetings each week) and host video conferences instead of conference calls (63 percent of workers prepare more for video meetings than conference calls).

Learn more in the infographic below:

(View a larger image.)

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