Infographic: How communicators can motivate colleagues

Say ‘thanks,’ be lavish with praise, and don’t skimp on the pizza.

Conveying information is the easy part of communication; getting people to do things is the harder bit.

How can you be more persuasive without being invasive? What’s the secret to communication-driven motivation? Happify has created an infographic that offers science-backed tactics to help you inspire, motivate and encourage colleagues to take action.

Happify offers a slew of tips for communicators, including:

  • Say “thank you.” Citing data from John Templeton Foundation, the infographic says: “Eighty-one percent of employees said they would work harder for a boss who appreciates them,” and “Seventy percent said they’d feel better about themselves and their work if their boss thanked them more regularly.” Despite widespread worries over ingratitude, the same survey found that just 10 percent of workers polled “regularly thank their colleagues.”
  • Behold, the power of pizza. The graphic cites a study that found pizza to be a better motivator than cash. This particular study found cash to be the third-best form of workplace motivation, just behind “compliments from the boss.” So, if you’d like to add more pep to your people’s step, don’t skimp on the pep talks, pepperoncino and pepperoni.
  • Mind the three M’s. Encourage people to master new skills on the job, facilitate meaningful membership to build workplace relationships, and emphasize the meaning of people’s work.
  • Be generous with rewards and recognition. The infographic suggests rewarding teams instead of individuals. According to the piece, “Research shows that rewarding group efforts fosters increased performance, but rewarding individuals does not.”
  • Emphasize internal amity and teamwork. Feeling that your work helps those around you is a strong factor in employee engagement. Communicators should strive to forge substantive internal connections and symbiotic collaborations.

You don’t need Tony Robbins-esque charisma to be a persuasive communicator. With a bit of science and strategy on your side, you’ll be motivating colleagues and inspiring change in no time. Review the rest of Happify’s infographic to get started.

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