Infographic: How employees stay fueled at the office

Commuting, buying lunch, and paying for coffee each workday can get expensive. Should employers should help with the cost?

Between commuting, lunch and a daily coffee jolt, fueling the average American worker isn’t cheap.

According to an infographic from Mindflash, most workers pay for their daily fuel—gas to commute, lunch and coffee to stay alert and energized—but most would like their employers to pitch in.

If employees could choose one thing they would want their employers to reimburse them for, 42 percent say transportation or commuting expenses.

How much does it cost to keep a workforce fueled?

  • $1,476: How much it costs Americans per year to commute to work
  • $1,092: How much the average American spends on coffee each year
  • $46.30: How much men spend on lunch per week
  • $26.50: How much women spend on lunch per week

Some employees try to cut costs where they can. Thirty-five percent set a financial goal to pack a lunch in 2012, and 22 percent said they would stop buying coffee if their employers offered better brew in the office.

Want some more stats? Take a look at the graphic: (View a larger image.)

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