Infographic: How to create engaging social media posts

If you’re ready to up your game on Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and more, read on.

The communications industry is constantly changing.

One day Instagram is just for photos, and the next day it has video. One day Facebook shows your posts to everyone who follows you, and the next day it doesn’t.

It’s all we can do to keep up.

An infographic from My Clever Agency is here to help. It provides blueprints for the most engaging posts on social media. (We’ve featured past iterations of this infographic here and here.)

Here are a few of the tips:


  • Edit photos with third-party apps. If you want to go beyond Instagram’s filters, Camera+ and Snapseed provide fun alternatives.
  • Use hashtags. Hashtags can help new followers find your profile. You can participate in Throwback Thursday (#tbt) and Out of the Day (#OOTD) any time.
  • Reply to people who engage with you. If someone likes or comments on a photo, comment back to start a conversation.


  • Use images. Full-size images (800 x 600 px) will make your posts stand out.
  • Follow trending topics. The “What’s Hot” tab shows what’s trending. Use a trending hashtag to show you’re up on the latest news and conversations.
  • Find communities. Participate in relevant communities to grow your following and boost engagement.


  • Avoid photos with faces. Images without human faces get shared 23 percent more often.
  • Pin vertical images. Vertical images get more engagement than horizontal images.
  • Pin images with lots of red. Red or orange images get twice the amount of repins as other images.

Check out the infographic for more.

(View a larger image.)

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