Infographic: How to get more engagement on Tumblr

Tumblr boasts tight-knit communities that value experiences rather than products. Here’s how to give users content they’ll love, content that will turn them into customers.

Ninety percent of Tumblr users say they’ve been inspired to buy something they saw on the social network, an infographic from Curalate says.

Few, if any, social media sites can boast that large a return on investment for brands. But as on any other social network, you have to post content that appeals to your audience.

The infographic lists 10 ways to give Tumblr users content they want, which will foster more engagement with your page. Here are five:

1. Give users an experience. Seventy-eight percent of millennials, Tumblr’s primary audience, say they value experiences more than things. Appeal to this by posting content that not only showcases a product, but explains why people should care about it.

2. Keep links current. Tumblr data says 30 percent of re-blogs occur 30 days after a post’s original publish date. If a product sells out during that time, make sure the page your post links to redirects to a waiting list or similar product.

3. Share fan photos. Tumblr fosters strong communities, which makes it perfect to share user-generated content. Pair brand photos with customers’ shots to do your part to share the love.

4. Know the importance of captions. Captions not only provide context for your photos, but are searchable on the network.

5. Be positive, funny, creative and transparent. Tumblr says users value these qualities most in content. Let that guide your posting strategy.

Check out the infographic below for the rest of the tips.

(View a larger image.)

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